There are hundreds of companies out there in stock markets. One can pick a specific company, and can come up with an investment decision by analyzing it from multiple angles. But it is not feasible to do this manual work on all possible companies in scale.

We at Share Predictions have the mission to help our members to make their own shortlist of companies by scanning hundreds of companies from US stock markets on a daily basis. Traders can create their own shortlist for further analysis by first checking out our predictions.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions predict the price movement of each stock by looking at multiple parameters in the past. We share predictions in 3 categories. Our algorithms predict if the stock price of a company will go up or down after 5, 20, and 60 business days. 

For each prediction, we share a level of confidence that indicates the likelihood of each prediction to happen in reality. Higher the confidence level, higher the accuracy tends to be. As an example, assume that there are 2 stocks: Stock A and Stock B. And let’s say that our models expect both stocks to go up in price after 5 business days (1 week) but the prediction confidence is 55% for Stock A and 95% for Stock B. Even if both stocks are expected to go up in price after 1 week, predictions indicate that Stock B is more likely to go up in price compared to Stock A.

Our accuracy results based on thousands of test samples show that our predictions can be used to shortlist certain stocks that can be analyzed in more detail for investment purposes. You should though always keep in mind that stock markets tend to be subject to speculations and things can sometimes evolve unexpectedly as well. We at Share Predictions solely provide predictions and our predictions cannot be taken as investment recommendations.