Stock Screener & ETF Screener

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You may know which types of stocks you are looking for but the challenge often happens to be how you will filter out the irrelevant ones and just find such stocks that meet your defined financial criteria among thousands of securities.

The screener function helps you narrow down the number of stocks (or ETFs) to focus on for either short term trading or long term investing. You can set your criteria based on market capitalization, dividends, penny stocks, top gainers or losers, volume, or technical indicators like MACD, volatility, RSI, PE Ratio and many other things.

You can just select the ones that matters most for your needs. The end result becomes the intersection of all your selected screening filters.

Here are a few examples that you can achieve by using our stock screener solution:
Example 1)
You can find such stocks that meet following financial criteria:
  • Among top 500 companies based on market capitalization
  • Consistent dividend payers
  • Dividend Yield is above 2%
  • Payout ratio is above 20%
Example 2)
You can also find such stocks that meet following financial criteria:
  • Only penny stocks
  • P/E Ratio is between 0 and 10
  • Algorithmic price increase likelihood is above 60% in the coming month
  • Price is above its 50 days moving average
Example 3)
Or, you can alternatively find such ETFs that meet following financial criteria:
  • Price of each share is below 20 USD
  • MACD is greater than 0
  • Histogram is greater than 0, meaning that the MACD value is bigger than that of Signal Line.
  • RSI is above 50


Check out the introduction video introduction of Stock & ETF Screener function