Share Predictions mobile app provides stock market insights, graphs and quantitative trading and investing solutions and strategies by using the cutting edge algorithmic solutions.

AI Powered Short Term Predictions

  • Quantitative short term swing trading predictions for common stocks in NYSE and NASDAQ
  • Short listed predictions with biggest upside potential in the short term
  • Market barometer. Predictions for overall markets, penny stocks market, and for top 500 companies with highest market capitalization
  • Daily signals for Trend Trading Portfolio management
  • Daily bullish / bearish signals for most popular stocks
  • Determine which stocks to focus on for short term trading
  • We rely on machines. No human interaction is involved in the generation of predictions

Actionable Analysis and Insights

  • Analyze any common stock and ETF in NYSE and NASDAQ
  • Access various technical indicators: moving averages, RSI, MACD, volatility, and more!
  • Advanced charts with various technical indicators for the ultimate technical analysis
  • Company financials summary (quarterly & annual)
  • Latest stock market news (per ticker)
  • Create your own watch list
  • Determine right time to invest on a stock

Share Predictions aim to make quantitative trading & investing solutions available to every trader & investor in stock markets.

You can read more about capabilities of Share Predictions mobile app here.