Short Term AI Predictions

Stocks With Biggest Upside Potential

In the Short Term Predictions section within our app, you find AI powered short term price movement predictions for common stocks. A separate prediction is given for each single common stock that we cover within our application.

Short Listed Common Stocks For Short Term Traders

Short listed common stocks list such stocks with biggest algorithmic upside potential in the short term. These short listed predictions aim to provide a list of stocks to focus on for short term traders. Each probabilistic prediction indicates the likelihood of a price increase for each given stock within the stated prediction validity period. If the prediction is greater than 50%, the price of the stock is expected to increase wrt the given Buy Target within the validity period of prediction. Similarly, a prediction that is smaller than 50% indicates a price decrease for the stock within the same period. As the prediction gets closer to 100% (or 0%), the expectation for a short term price increase (or decrease) becomes higher. All predictions are generated algorithmically and no human interaction is involved in the generation of predictions.

Timing Of Predictions

Predictions are sent out in the beginning of each market day. Since predictions are renewed on each business day, it may be a good practice to put a stock with high price increase likelihood into the Watch List and follow if the prediction remains high even on following day(s).

How To Use Predictions

Since predictions are renewed each day as we collect new data from markets, the short listed stocks may vary from one day to another. Many of these stocks for which the expectation for a short term price increase is comparably higher may be quite volatile. Due to this volatility, the price of a stock may hit the given Sell Target or Stop Loss price before the end of the given prediction validity period. As an example, our algorithms may have a comparably higher price
increase expectation on such stocks with a high recent price reduction, expecting a potential price correction in the short term. Several features are used by our algorithms when generating predictions. The shared probabilistic prediction may not always be inline with the technical analysis of a given stock. Predictions should be considered as complementary to the technical analysis; and beside probabilistic price increase predictions, it is highly recommended to use technical indicators and market news as well to evaluate a stock in the best possible way.